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Bugatti Type 1


Antonio Eiras

Ettore Bugatti was born in Milan, Italy, on 15 September 1881.


His father, Carlo Bugatti, was a renowned craftsman, and after receiving an artistic education, the young Ettore began working at Prinetti & Stuchi, a bicycle manufacturer, which by the time was taking the first steps in the construction of motor vehicles.


It was here that at the age of 18 Ettore began his activity and built his first Type 1 vehicle. There is no knowledge of any photographic record of this model, which, according to a chronicler of the time, would have been very similar to another Prinetti & Stucchi model and to the quadricycle that illustrates this work.


According to the same chronicler, the Type 1 would be driven by four small thermal motors, placed near the rear axle, two in front and two behind it.

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