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26 de janeiro de 2020

Bugatti, History and Renaissance - Part 2: The first car


Antonio Eiras


Born on September 15, 1881, from a Brescian family, Ettore was fortunate that his father decided to leave his hometown and move, with his family, to Milan, the most industrialized region in Italy. Young Ettore was able, since he finished his first studies, to satisfy his passion for mechanics, entering as an apprentice at Prinetti & Stucchi, a Milanese bicycle manufacturer.

He thus had the opportunity to learn the techniques of manufacture and assembly, as well as to develop his observation skills and perspicacity, which are so characteristic of his personality and which would be so useful.

By that time, Ettore began to be attracted to motor racing, which proliferated throughout Europe. Having obtained authorization from his superiors, he equipped a company tricycle with two single-cylinder De Dion engines and achieved some success in races in the region.

In 1899, excited by these results, the young Bugatti, just 18 years old, built his first vehicle. There is no knowledge of any photographic record of this model, which, according to a chronicler at the time, would have been very similar to another model by Prinetti & Stucchi and the quadricycle that illustrates this work. According to the same chronicler, it would be a quadricycle powered by 4 thermal motors, single-cylinder, De Dion, installed two in front and two behind the rear axle. 

This model would later be called Type 1.

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Antonio Eiras


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