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19 de janeiro de 2020

1961: Ferrari 156 "sharknose"


Antonio Eiras

The 1961 Ferrari 156 was the first Formula 1 car of the Italian constructor designed from scratch to use the engine in a rear central position.


It was designed by Carlo Chiti, who, inspired by the Cooper-Climax that revolutionized Formula 1 in previous years, resorted to a spaceframe multi-tubular chassis, with double wishbones and coil-springs dampers units in front and rear suspensions.


The engine, the Ferrari Type 178, also designed by Carlo Chiti, was a 1.5-liter 1200 V6, who delivered around 190hp at 9,500rpm. The transmission was made using a manual 5-speed gearbox. The tires were supplied by Dunlop.


Driven by Phil Hill, who won the World Champion that year, Wolfgang von Trips, Richie Ginter, John Surtees, Lorenzo Bandini and others, he remained active until 1964, winning 7 GP races and contributing two World Championship of Constructors titles for Ferrari, in 1961 and 1964 (inscribed in parallel to the successor model, the Ferrari 158).


It has been dubbed Sharknose for the characteristic and original shape of the front air intakes for the radiator.

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2 de janeiro de 2023

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Antonio Eiras


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