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21 de dezembro de 2014

Ferrari 330 P4 - Part 1


Antonio Eiras

The 330 P4 is one of the most charismatic cars in the history of Ferrari. It was one of the protagonists of the "Race of the Century", the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1967 and although he lost the challenge for the MK4 of rival Ford, it remains in the collective memory as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.


It was designed as an evolution of its predecessor, the 330 P3, with the aim of countering the dominance of Ford in endurance races and win its main race, at La Sartre.


To do so, Ferrari's technical team, led by young Mauro Forghieri retained the tubular chassis and the slender bodywork of the P3, only modified in the longer front to improve the aerodynamics. The mechanics changed substantially with the adoption of a new 4 liter, 12 cylinders in V engine, with 4 camshafts head who ran the 36 valves and delivered a power of 450 hp at 8.200 rpm. The ZF gearbox of the P3 was replaced by a new one, also with 5 speeds, but constructed in Ferrari.


For the new prototype the Scuderia needed bigger tires, and specific rims where commissioned to Campagnolo, with a five-pointed star design which was then used in production vehicles from Ferrari.


When I did the drawings of the P4, I remembered to complement the work with an interview with its creator.


(To be continued)

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2 de janeiro de 2023

How do I do it


Antonio Eiras


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